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Providing Holiday Meals to Hungry Families

Every year, families gather together to feast. These memories stay with us as we grow, but have you ever wondered about those who have nothing to eat? Well, one in seven people in Northern Illinois face hunger, which means during the holidays those special meals, are, of course, out of their reach.

That is why Northern Illinois Food Bank, the source of nutritious food, innovative feeding programs, and hope for more than 71,000 people each week, has a goal of solving hunger in our 13-county service area. But first, they need their community’s members such as local food pantries and feeding programs, food manufacturers and retailers, companies, foundations and individuals like you to be able to reach each and every family!


Cause Update: We would like to extend a BIG thank you to everyone that supported us on this cause to help provide meals to local families. Most of us are used to eating a warm dinner at home, but many families are not as fortunate. Every meal is a blessing.Thank you!

During these Holidays, our team at Vital Insurance Agency and Northern Illinois Food Bank are joining forces to guarantee a holiday meal to everyone in our community.



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