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Providing Our Youth With Transportation To A Better Tomorrow

Heart Haven OutReach, better known as “H2O,” is a nonprofit in Bolingbrook, Illinois, that provides FREE, life-changing support programs to area youth. These include:

  • Support groups in which teens can share their struggles and successes and receive encouragement from their peers
  • Character and life skills education that equips them to make positive choices
  • Service projects that nurture the value of giving to others in need
  • Field trips and college visits that inspire dreams and goals
  • Mentoring and tutoring by caring adults, and much more!

Through these great programs and the dedicated staff that run them, thousands of young people have found the hope to press on despite immense challenges. However, a major obstacle to participation is transportation. The suburbs are spread out with limited public transit options. Add in brutal Chicago weather, and if youth don’t have someone to drive them to H2O, they simply don’t attend. To overcome this, H2O has always provided free rides to participants, to and from all programs. This past month, 93% of attendees used this service.

Join us on our mission as we continue to raise $500 to provide the youth in our community with the transportation support they need.

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