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Securing A Brighter Future For Unaccompanied Youth

Each year, thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children arrive at the borders of the United States. They are called “unaccompanied,” because they travel on their own, without any parent or guardian to guide or protect them. These children make difficult, often dangerous journeys to escape rampant violence, child labor, severe abuse and desperate poverty.

BIG THANKS to everyone that joined us on our mission to help unaccompanied immigrant children in our community receive the help and support they need. Because of you, we were able to help a few local children right here in our community. You’ve made a bigger impact in their lives than you can ever imagine!​

Did You Know?

Each child is charged with breaking the law and placed in deportation proceedings. Stacking the odds even further against them, unaccompanied children must face off in immigration court against government attorneys who know the immigration laws inside and out. Because immigrant children do not have the right to an attorney appointed at government expense, children as young as 3 years old must appear in court alone to defend themselves!

Join us on our mission to provide support for these children by partnering them up with a “Child Advocate” (guardian), whose role is to advocate for the best interests of individual children. This is made possible by The Young Center.



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