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Business Insurance

What it is:

Boat insurance is a very particular kind of insurance for the motor vehicle that is legally defined as a boat. A boat is operated on water instead of on land; however, a proper insurance package for a boat will protect the investment on land as well in certain situations. In some cases, an insurance package may be legally required in order to operate a boat in some jurisdictions.

Who it is for:

Anyone who is looking to safely operate a boat under recreational or commercial license will likely need some sort of boating insurance in order to protect themselves financially as well as any passengers that may be along for the ride. Boating insurance is not only meant for people who operate boats in a commercial fashion. There are many different types of recreational boating excursions that may require a boating insurance package.

How it works:

Boating insurance packages work generally in the same way that other insurance packages for motorized vehicles work. There is a payout from the insurance company to the insured party upon a qualified accident that involves the motor vehicle. Depending on the severity and the circumstances behind the accident, this payout may be more or less substantial.

Different types of coverage in existence:

The two major types of boating insurance are recreational boating insurance and commercial boating insurance. Commercial boating insurance packages are much more comprehensive, as they may involve the protection of commerce as well as the protection of the boat itself.

Major Benefits:

The primary benefit of a boating insurance package is the financial protection that it offers to the driver of the boat. Whether or not an accident is the fault of the driver, most kinds of boating insurance will keep the driver from having to pay a large out-of-pocket expense in the case of an accident. There is also a legal benefit to having boating insurance if the driver of a boat needs to stay in compliance with a regulation.